Here's everything Amazon just announced at its huge September event

Amazon Echo Sub 1

Pocket Lint

The Echo Auto is also capable of detecting when you have arrived home and, if the owner has a compatible smart home, integrating with other smart devices to unlock the front door or turn the lights on.

The Echo Show, available for the first time in Australia, is a brand new design with a vibrant display for video, movies and accessing all Alexa content.

Amazon will tap into Getty Images library of premium content to deliver images for appropriate searches.

And while Amazon is talking up new Alexa-enabled smart products for release in Australia, the event launching these speakers in America also showcased a bunch of things we're not going to see, at least not yet.

What you get, exactly, is a portable Echo that uses a Bluetooth connection to your phone and an eight-microphone array to take requests via Alexa and can spit out songs, directions, your to-do list, a book from Audible and more. Amazon says it is working on getting other partnerships for the device, including with Food Network, Hulu, and Fox Sports.

According to a statement Amazon provided to The Verge, Getty Images has already started servicing images for a limited number of searches. The new Amazon Echo Show will be available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and Japan starting in October for $229.99 United States dollars. The company also launched new services, like Alexa Hunches, which makes suggestions (such as to turn off your light at night) based on daily behavior. Echo Link connects to your home audio system and plays music on it through streaming services.

The Wall clock also uses Echo technology in setting timers and it will cost $30.

Texan running 3-D printed guns company arrested in Taiwan
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Amazon has made its Echo heard in Australia, giving Google's Home speakers some competition, and now it's back for round two with even more. What you can do is pair two Echo Dots to create a stereo setup that'll give you a more rounded listening experience.

The new Echo Show is a big version of the previously launched Echo Dot It comes with a 10-inch screen along with a camera and a speaker grille.

Amazon Smart Plug. This $25 device plugs into a power receptacle and ... is a smart plug.

For you home theater people, Amazon announced Echo Link Amp and Echo Link.

Ring Stick Up Cam.

Available in October with pre-orders today, the microwave will be priced at $59.99. Fire TV Recast lets you record up to four shows at once and stream to multiple devices at a time.

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