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And though the phones' internals are quite similar to those of last year's iPhone X, the teardown does reveal a few interesting new details. Apple's new iPhones start at more than $1,000 when you factor in sales tax, and they climb to over $1,500 if you get a 512GB iPhone XS Max. report that while the iPhone fans were observing their annual ritual of queuing up to get their hands on the fabled devices, Huawei staff took the opportunity to not-so-subtly have a go at the battery life of iPhones by handing out powerbanks to the waiting crowds.

At head height (around six feet), the screen on the iPhone X incurred a significant screen crack. The 20-year old student arrived at the Apple store at 6am for purchasing two iPhone XS Max phones.

Now that Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max are available for purchase, they've already been given the teardown treatment.

Elsewhere, as you'd expect, the XS and XS Max share a lot of engineering and design traits with the iPhone X. However, there are a couple important improvements, most notably in the antenna and camera departments.

Dual SIM functionality isn't as commonly sought after in European markets, but one person queuing in London, who asked not to be identified, said the purchase was entirely based on the appeal of no longer having to carry two phones on worldwide business trips.

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The iFixit teardown showed iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max used Intel's modem and communication chips instead of Qualcomm's hardware. Another woman in the same line, Eli Di Lauro, who lives in the United Kingdom capital, said the larger size of the XS Max model was the biggest appeal for an upgrade.

Likewise, a 256GB XS is now 9,560 yuan while the 512GB model is 11,150 yuan, down 5.3% and 6.3% respectively.

Everything else in the iPhone XS is mostly the same as the iPhone X, at least in its internals. While last year's iPhone X had two battery cells for a total charge of 2,716mAh, the iPhone XS has a single, L-shaped cell, with a slightly lower 2,659mAh capacity.

Everything that required a fingerprint scan with Touch ID can use Face ID, including verifying your identity for Apple Pay.

But not everyone pre-ordered or made appointments. "I'm not gonna jump out of the queue to buy a Huawei phone, but it (the effort by Huawei) is still good", Shah said.

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