After Florence flooding, I-95 reopens Friday

Hurricane Florence

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University of North Carolina football players are lending a helping hand to those affected by Hurricane Florence - donating their allotted meal money to buy relief supplies, according to a report.

Trump was apparently talking to an older man whose home had been damaged after a large yacht had washed ashore and was shipwrecked against the wooden deck of his porch. Residential streets have turned into rivers and freeways have morphed into waterways.

The county of 60,000 people, on the Atlantic coast between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, is one of several areas in the Carolinas waiting anxiously as rivers start to crest, a week after Florence dumped some 3 feet of rain on the region.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said 16 rivers were at major flood stage Tuesday with three more expected to peak by Thursday.

McMaster on Thursday estimated damage from the flood in his state at $1.2 billion U.S., characterizing it in a letter to state congress members as the worst disaster in the state's modern history.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster estimated his state has already suffered $1.2 billion in damage.

"We're at the end of the line of all waters to come down", said Georgetown County Administrator Sel Hemingway, as he warned the area may see a flood like it has never seen before. Blackhawk helicopters were used to pluck many of them to safety.

The president vowed to sort that issue out, telling reporters: 'We're going to find out.

"They need to be prepared no matter how the skies are looking like, the floods are coming".

She told CBS News she doesn't have flood insurance.

Man accused of killing ISU student had lengthy criminal history
Barquin, 22, won the European Ladies' Amateur championship in July and was studying civil engineering at Iowa state university. Richards, who faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted, reported in a financial affidavit that he has no job.

The death toll from Storm Florence has risen to 37 after officials confirmed the deaths of two SC mental health patients, officials say.

A week after the storm hit, thousands in SC are under new evacuation orders and some of the stranded in Mullins, had to be rescued by helicopter.

Pressure differences drive the winds, which in turn can steer and slow down storms, he said.

Authorities are also investigating the deaths of two mental health patients in Horry County. The deputies were able to climb atop the van as waters inundated the vehicle.

McMaster said Friday he had "contacted or attempted to speak personally with the families of everyone who we lost during this crisis, this tragedy", including the families of Newton and Green.

In some areas, it will by days or weeks before the floodwaters fully recede and the landscape returns to normal.

He said the town has no water, no sewage, no gasoline and they have been told that they won't have power for eight days. "Don't drive across it and if there is a barricade up, do not go around that barricade". "Even though there is no substantial rain in the forecast and the sun may be shining across many parts of our state, rivers continue to rise and we will see more flooding".

The ash left over when coal is burned to generate electricity coal ash contains an array of components, including mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic heavy metals. "While a few rivers on the Carolinas' coastal plain reached their peak levels and began declining Monday, other rivers are still rising on the Carolinas' coastal plain, and some may not peak until next week". "Many roads remain impassable".

"The National Guard is on standby if that's not big enough", Emrick said of the dam. Sheehan described the incident as a "developing situation" and said the company can't rule out that ash might be escaping and flowing into the river. According to the plan, that means a dam failure is either imminent or in progress.

But according to a statement from Duke Energy, the cooling lake does not store coal ash, and the plant's ash basins "are now not affected by this incident".

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