1st private moon flight passenger to invite creative guests

Why the SpaceX Lunar Tourists Won't Walk on the Moon

1st private moon flight passenger to invite creative guests

To make his incredible journey, he will be aboard SpaceX's next spaceship, Big Falcon Rocket (BFX), which remains to be built. But I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself. "I choose to go to the moon with artists!" Elon Musk, the man behind SpaceX, is confident that he would be able to take the BFR missions to the new levels.

SpaceX made the announcement from its headquarters in Hawthorne, California - not far from where the Emmy awards were being handed out in Los Angeles on Monday evening. Maezawa will be looking for a painter, photographer, musician, film director, architect, and fashion designer to accompany him to the moon. A video presentation about him said he believes art can help usher in world peace. If John Lennon could have seen the curvature of the Earth, what kind of songs would he have written? Maezawa, 42, with a real-time net worth of $2.9 billion, suggested the flight would take place as early as 2023.

He had also been a supporter of Elon Musk's SpaceX endeavors.

When asked how sure he is they will hit the 2023 date, Musk responded, "We are definitely not sure".

Maezawa wrote on the #dearmoon website that people are creative and have a great imagination.

The Japanese billionaire has made a down payment for the mission, but the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"It makes a difference", Musk said. Maezawa is an important figure in the fashion industry of Japan, being the Chief Operating Officer and founder of the online fashion retailer platform named Zozo. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on art, including a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting the bought for $110.5 million.

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The SpaceX Starlink constellation is a satellite system that the company hopes will consist of over 3,500 spacecraft by 2024. Maezawa said at a SpaceX event.

"I know that sounds insane, and we don't usually meet our time lines, but I wanted you to know at least order of magnitude, that's what we're thinking", Shotwell said.

The first tourist to circle the moon will be on his way around 2023. As said, the artistic space trip is 5 years away. He showed off images of the hardware under construction and a test fire of the vehicle's massive Raptor engine.

The United States hasn't had the ability to put humans in orbit since the Space Shuttle era ended in 2011.

Till today only Americans have traveled to the moon, listing the 24 NASA astronauts who arrived at the Moon in the 1960s and 1970s.

When will "everyday people" get to visit space?

Additionally, Maezawa is paying for their once in a lifetime trip. The company has since launched a number of rockets including the Falcon Heavy rocket launch in February of this year. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin boss Richard Branson have also entered the space tourism race. The trips are reported to cost $200 million. Blue Origin denied the report to CNN, saying ticket prices had not yet been set.

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