Google Family Link expands worldwide, also adding teenage supervision features

Now turn off your teen’s phone with Google’s ‘Family Link

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Beginning today, September 18, Android phone owners are able to set restrictions on their teens' devices, either by setting time limits, locking their phones remotely, or subjecting app downloads to parental approval, The Verge reports. At that time, the service was nothing more than a website but it looks like the search giant is bringing a new app as well.

Family Link, an app launched by Google in 2017 that allows parents to supervise their pre-teens' Android screen time, is now expanding its reach to also include families with kids 13 and over. Teens can still access the smart device once it has been locked by parents but it will send an alert to them.

Google has launched new tools on its free Family Link app created to set "digital ground rules" for teenagers.

Family link was introduced past year to give children under 13 their own Google accounts, and this is now expanding to teens.

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Unlike what's there for kids, the new "Family Link" features for teens won't let parents change the passwords of their devices or change the device itself.

Our favourite feature is if a child asks Google Assistant to scan the room for monsters, it will play appropriate scanning sound effects before announcing the all clear. In a blog post, the company said that it will soon be bidding "good-bye" to the Inbox app. "Support for Inbox will conclude in 2019", said the company in the post.

Previously, the Family Link app controls were only available to parents and children younger than 13 in the U.S. The tools will now work on the account of youngsters aged 13 and up, but there are some differences between Family Link's operation for teens and how it works for younger children. At some point in the near future, parents will also have the ability to manage apps and set screen time limits on their child's Chromebook. "The need for supervision doesn't end with mobile devices".

The app, which links to Google accounts, allows parents to monitor their children's activities.

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