Beyonce's Former Drummer Accuses Her Of "Extreme Witchcraft"

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Beyonce's Former Drummer Claims Singer Cursed Her With “Magic Spells Of Sexual Molestation"

Beyonce's former drummer, Kimberly Thompson has reportedly filed a civil harassment restraining order against the Queen Bey, according to court records reviewed by Pitchfork.

Beyoncé's former drummer, Kimberly Thompson, requested a restraining order against her because she claimed the singer practices "extreme witchcraft", The Blast reported.

Kimberly in some court documents obtained by The Blast further explained that the singer harasses her with "extreme witchcraft, dark magic" and "magic spells of sexual molestation".

She also accused the star of tapping her phone calls and murdering her pet kitten.

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The restraining order was denied of course, likely because of how wild the claims are.

Efforts to reach the Beyonce and Kimberly team have not been fruitful and Beyonce's management has not either released any statement in that respect. The hearing for her second effort is scheduled for October 11.

Neither Thompson nor Beyonce have commented publicly on the matter.

Outside of working for Bey, Thompson also played drums in the Fred Armisen-led house band during the first season of Late Night With Seth Meyers, however, no accusations of witchcraft against him have surfaced yet. The singer is now touring the USA with her husband Jay-Z on their "On The Run II" Tour.

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