One of Elizabeth Smart's captors freed from prison

Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper is a free woman again- Wanda Barzee got out of a Utah state prison and was spotted chowing down shortly thereafter

Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper is a free woman again- Wanda Barzee got out of a Utah state prison and was spotted chowing down shortly thereafter

But two weeks ago, the board announced that it had erred in calculating the length of the sentence handed down to Barzee by not counting the years she was in the Utah State Hospital, and by not making her state prison time concurrent to her federal prison sentence.

Smart recalled some of the horrors she experienced as a 14-year-old when she was snatched from her Salt Lake City home in 2002 by Barzee's then-husband, street preacher Brian David Mitchell. "Like, the side of her body would be touching me".

After years of court battles over her competency, Barzee pleaded guilty in federal court in 2009 to kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor.

Smart hasn't specified, but says she's taking extreme measures to protect her family.

Utah's U.S. Attorney John Huber said last week that if Barzee violates these conditions, she would be brought before a judge who has a "range of remedies" at his or her disposal, including sentencing Barzee to more time in federal prison before restarting her supervision. "I believe that she is a danger and a threat to any vulnerable person in our community, which is why our community should be anxious".

FILE - This April 8, 2016, file photo, provided by Utah State Prison shows Wanda Barzee.

"Upon further review and advice from legal counsel, the Board must count time spent in federal custody toward Ms. Barzee's state sentence", the board said in a statement.

She said the manuscript also contains other 'disturbing and unsafe ideas, ' though it is not clear how she knows she had it.

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"She should be allowed to demonstrate compliance with conditions of supervised release after a sentence that resulted from a settlement with the United States, the State of Utah, and with the agreement of the Smart family". He declined to say whether she will be in a private home or a facility but that she "will not be homeless". "I just lack faith in her". "The Board of Pardons and Parole does not have legal authority to hold Ms. Barzee beyond September 19, 2018". "And, I mean, she just was the kind of woman that - she was just evil and twisted", Elizabeth said, before remembering how during her capture, Briand David and Wanda forced a 14-year-old Elizabeth to drink enough alcohol to make her pass out.

"She did appalling things when I was in captivity", Smart said.

Smart has said she was treated like an animal - shackled, abused and, yet, forced into a "wedding ceremony" with Mitchell, who fancied himself some sort of prophet. Mace said she's unaware of any family members that would take in Barzee.

Smart then added that: " I have been reassured multiple times that she will be kept a very close eye on. She'll be on probation for 60 months and she is not to have any direct or indirect contact with Smart.

They were unsuccessful. Mitchell, who believed in polygamy, might have been attempting to build a collection of wives, authorities said.

Barzee and Mitchell were both arrested. She is expected to be released this week.

Smart was rescued after some passers-by spotted the trio in a Salt Lake City suburb and called police.

Smart is pregnant with her third child.

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