Apple's Tim Cook explains why the new iPhone costs almost £1,500

Here's How Xiaomi Mocked Apple For Steep Pricing Of New iPhones

8 reasons why the iPhone X is a better buy than new iPhones

USA TODAY's Ed Baig gives his take on some of the pros and cons of Apple's new iPhones XS, XS Max and XR.

The biggest iPhone with the largest storage will cost $1,449 and that did not go unnoticed by the reviewers, with many observing that a 512 GB XS Max was actually more expensive than some MacBooks.

When Apple unveiled its huge new iPhone XS Max last week, jaws dropped around the world - not at the gadget itself, but the price.

If Trump expands the tariffs to an additional $267 billion worth of goods then almost every Chinese import would be affected, including the iPhone, along with all other smart phones.

When the iPhone X was launched in India past year, it became the first iPhone in the country to breach the Rs 1 lakh mark and raised eyebrows from all corners.

The diver Elon Musk called a 'pedo' suing him
Musk is facing legal trouble because his " funding secured " tweet could be construed as fraud that potentially misled investors. Tesla itself is also under investigation because statements by its CEO can be considered the official word of the company.

Even with noticeable display tweaks and camera upgrade - it can now adjust the background blur after taking a portrait photo - reviewers told early adapters to save their money if they owned a almost as good iPhone X.

Xiaomi has fired a cheeky shot at Apple by highlighting the massive price disparity between its products and the next-generation iPhones revealed last week.

'The role of the iPhone has become much larger in people's lives'.

"The iPhone XS and XS Max follow in the footsteps of S-year iPhones - they're faster, with better camera hardware. but except for dual SIM support, there isn't a brand-new feature like Touch ID or 3D Touch this time", CNET's Scott Stein said. The new iPhone comes in three colour options - Space Grey, Silver and a new Gold finish starting at Rs 109,900.

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