Fortnite to add Port-A-Fortress item in final season 5 update

Fortnite Adding Port-a-Fortress Item

Port-a-Fortress item coming soon to Fortnite

Acting in an nearly identical way to the original Port-a-Fort, this new variant looks monstrously huge, providing you with much more cover than the standard version while building just as quickly.

As Fortnite season 5 enters its final week it looks like Epic Games has one final addition planned before the big season 6 update takes place next week. Luckily, items like the Port-a-Fort can be used to fill the gaps while the rest of us work to refine our building ability. The company has started promoting a new item called the Port-a-Fortress on Fortnite's in-game news page, so it's likely just around the corner. On the Port-a-Fort, you see a one-column tower-but the Port-a-Fortress outline appears to be much wider and taller. "Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defense to new heights", the accompanying blurb says, suggesting that it'll function mjust like the Port-a-Fort already does. Upon impact the Grenade spawns a bigger and better version of the fort which is spawned by the current Port-a-Fort.

As stated earlier, Epic Games hasn't revealed just yet when we can expect to see the new Port-A-Fortress grenade make its debut in Fortnite but hopefully, we'll get an ETA soon.

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The Port-a-Fortress is likely going to be available following the release of this week's patch, which should drop on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The gold color in the Port-a-Fortress image implies that it'll be a Legendary item.

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