Ghost rider: BMW unveils autonomous motorcycle

BMW has developed its own self-driving motorcycle

BMW Has A Self-Riding R 1200 GS And It's As Weird As You Think

The video of BMW R1200GS, self driving motorcycle, is available on the social media as the name of connected ride.

In the past few months, we've seen different manufacturers working on motorcycles with some sort of of autonomous technology.

Developed by graduate engineer Stefan Hans and his team, this very special R 1200 GS independently drives off, accelerates, circles a winding test track and independently slows down to a stop.

More details on the BMW technologies shown at the Motorrad Techday can be found in the document attached below.

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BMW said it doesn't intend to sell a fully-autonomous motorcycle, but built one to better understand the dynamics of a two wheeler and use that information to optimize the safety systems, which could end up on a production model soon.

Commenting on the unveiling, BMW project leader Stefan Hans said: "The prototype helps us expand our knowledge about the vehicle's dynamics, so we can classify the rider's behaviour and see if a future situation will become unsafe or not". Instead, as with the original concept, the ambition is to make cycling "more comfortable and increase the riding pleasure". Watch the testing for yourself in the video above, and know it's not a ghost aboard the bike; it's simply self-riding technology. BMW Motorrad is specific in that it's not trying to develop a completely independent motorcycle. The 3D printing process used in the frame uses carbon to create lightweight but high strength components including wheels.

BMW unveils a new autonomous motorcycle that the company hopes can be used for emergency situations. Above all, the V2V communication between vehicles are in the foreground further enhancing safety and comfort for the motorcyclist through digital networking.

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