F1 auto design proposals focus on aerodynamics for better racing

Here's What Formula 1 Wants Its Cars To Look Like In 2021

F1 reveals new car designs for 2021

"I'm def (definitely) gonna be driving if cars look like this", the 33-year-old Briton said on his Instagram account.

As for the future generation racers, Brawn said that the organization is "looking at a new style of Formula 1 vehicle, aesthetically more modern and futuristic, as I don't think we've really captured as much as we could do in that regard". Estimating that the current regulations mean a 50 per cent reduction in downforce in this situation, Brawn says the new regulation has improved this by 30 per cent, so that a vehicle only loses 20 per cent downforce. "I'm pleased to say we're at about 80 percent", Brawn said. This process has led to a series of concepts, which have evolved in three stages - and will continue to develop.

Of the three, the third concept is the one most closely related to the current F1 cars, with the other silver auto (Concept 1) representing a more futuristic ideal - see the cleaner halo incorporation and more intricate spoiler.

Concept 2 is the most aggressive looking of the trio.

Brawn's vision for the new look cars, set for 2021, was delivered in a "tech talk" seminar held by race organisers in Singapore on Wednesday night. And naturally, the cars are shown with 18-inch wheels.

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A notable feature on all three of the concepts is the aerodynamic devices just behind the front wheels that, it's hoped, will alleviate a lot of the problem of one auto trying to follow another. "But all of the teams now have models that we have initiated and they are looking at them and feeding back information". However, in this concept you can see the first signs of devices to control the way the airflow comes of the wheels.

Brawn maintains that the tyres and wheels are still the dirtiest areas of the auto and can still cause huge disruption to the car's airflow. "It's maturing as we go along". That will still allow for time for a period of refinement.

"If you remember Manor a few years previously couldn't sell the team".

Brawn is also hoping that the concepts will encourage teams to stay in F1 while also inspiring new teams to join the sport. Further details have just been released on the official F1 website, we'll be sure to have a peruse over these and garner information on some of the key changes.

"Teams are now involved in this", he said.

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