SpaceX Signs its First Private Passenger to Fly 'Round the Moon

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Earlier this year, Musk said the company would be able to focus its investment on the BFR, following the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy.

SpaceX is set to send a private passenger on a spaceflight around the moon soon, as it's now signed up its first customer for the trip. It's anybody's guess, but Musk did reply to a tweet with a Japanese flag emoji, prompting speculation that the tourist is from Japan.

The company will host a media event on Monday, Sept. 17 and other than state that it will be held at their headquarters located in Hawthorne, California and that Musk would "announce the world's first private passenger scheduled to fly around the Moon aboard SpaceX's BFR launch vehicle" - little else has been released.

SpaceX has always been public about their dream of sending private citizens to space.

The first ship carrying crews could arrive two years later, he said. "And they're very serious about it". SpaceX spokespeople told the Wall Street Journal that the mission as still going to happen but remained tight-lipped about more details.

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The rocket in combination with a spaceship capsule is being built by SpaceX with the colonization of the planet Mars in mind.

As well as building a settlement on Mars to fulfill humanity's destiny of being "interplanetary", Musk wants to offer point to point rocket travel as an option instead of commercial flights.

SpaceX's tweet also included a render for a new version of the BFR vehicle.

SpaceX has established its bona fides in the aerospace business by transporting supplies to the International Space Station and by completing the tricky maneuver of recovering rockets after launch so that they can be reused.

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