Hurricane Florence begins to batter United States east coast

Food Lion employee Greg Partin helps a customer to her car on Monday Sept. 10 2018 at the Woodcroft shopping center in Durham N.C. Residents of eastern and central North Carolina are stripping grocery shelves and emptying supplies of gasoline as Hurric

Astronauts aboard ISS had to use super wide-angle lens to photograph massive Hurricane Florence

Although the suggestive graphic was presumably an accident, it is somehow a fitting representation for a storm that has already been described as "tremendously big and tremendously wet" in a White House briefing from Donald Trump this Tuesday.

Storm surge is deadly.

Calling the storm surge prediction "incredible", Graham said that because Florence will likely nudge its way onto the coast, giving its hurricane winds lots of time to force water inland, he wouldn't be surprised "to see storm surge a mile, a mile and a half inland - maybe even two miles or more, in some cases". As of Thursday afternoon the storm was generating sustained winds of 105mph, as storm surge water has begun to rush into homes and streets along beachside communities. Like a giant hair dryer, these winds push seawater into low-lying marshland and delta areas.

Updated NHC forecasts showed the storm lingering near the coast of the Carolinas, carrying days of heavy rains that could bring intense inland flooding from SC to Virginia. But while the storm is predicted to pass near Wilmington, North Carolina, the majority of surge-related flooding will actually be to north near Pamlico Sound. It is expected to stall and hover over the Carolinas, dumping enormous amounts of rainfall on the region, and causing massive destruction and flooding.

The NHC said the first tropical storm-force winds of at least 39 miles per hour (63 kph) would hit the region early on Thursday with the storm's center reaching the coast Friday. That makes it hard to project how the region will ultimately be affected. We will have tropical storm force winds and rain and storm surge continues to be our main concern with extreme flooding. His group, the Office of Water Prediction and Luettich's team are working together to build such models now. "Your time is running out".

And the storm is still expected to bring catastrophic winds, rain, storm surges and flooding, the National Hurricane Center briefing said. The governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia declared emergencies to help speed up government aid efforts.

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Manure lagoons are about as pleasant as they sound-vast open-air ponds of manure located next to the many hog farms near the North Carolina coast. Usually when a storm approaches the coast, forecasters can tell with ever-increasing accuracy who will get walloped.

A man rides his bike as the Hurricane Florence comes ashore in New Bern, North Carolina, Sept. 13, 2018. Stay on guard. This is a powerful storm that can kill. The latter had to be relocated back to the reserve after the storm.

"There definitely is a risk, but the horses are smart".

"They'll be looking very closely at major transmission lines that have tens of thousands of customers associated with them", Penn said.

A few of the high-resolution images show the towering walls of the eye of the storm where things are ever so much calmer than they are near the wall of the eye.

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