European Union to give internet firms 1 hour to remove extremist content

Prime Minister Theresa May is scrambling to salvage her Brexit blueprint

Prime Minister Theresa May is scrambling to salvage her Brexit blueprint

He called on member states to "revive the lost art of compromise", insisting that this was the not the same as a weakness of convictions. Last year, Junker mentioned Romania in the speech.

An EU official familiar with the European Commission president's annual State of the Union address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg said a key theme would be "sovereignty", or Europe's collective ability to shape world policy.

Juncker, in an hour-long speech punctuated by occasional applause by MEPs, called for the European Union to speak and act as one on a global stage, defend its democratic values and turn its back on poisonous nationalism.

Shifting to a qualified majority would allow the European Union to decide on controversial matters without having every member state on board.

With only six months before the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave, Juncker said the United Kingdom "will never be an ordinary third country for us".

A voluntary code of conduct on the removal of terrorist content had not been taken up widely enough and it was vital that those who failed to act to clean up their sites received a "big sting", King said in an interview with the Guardian.

He said that Commission Vice-president Frans Timmermans was doing a remarkable job defending the rule of law, but "all too often he stood alone" in doing so.

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One North Carolina woman packed flowers to leave on her son's grave. "I've seen them pull together for smaller things". People on barrier islands or peninsulas were running out of time Wednesday to retreat by bridge or ferry.

But well aware of the limits of the current eu regulation, it has unveiled new proposals, including the deployment of 10,000 border guards by 2020 for the european Agency that oversees a real "policing of external borders". Once adopted, the new law will give more power to artists, news and traditional media companies as opposed to tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google, says Deutsche Welle.

"And the shift in the nature of the attacks - so we have got more locals self radicalised - just underlines again the importance of tackling all the different ways in which people become radicalised".

"Judgements from the Court of Justice must be respected and implemented".

He also called for swifter decision-making by increasing voting by qualified majority in the Council, saying, "Europe is an economic giant, but also has to become a political one". The Commission is today proposing to change this.

In an effort to cut migrant flows off at source the commission and member countries want to create "disembarkation platforms" in northern Africa to offload people rescued at sea.

Juncker urged the European Union to strike a "new alliance" with Africa that would create millions of jobs and include a free trade deal - a move Brussels hopes would both showcase its worldwide influence and help to stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean.

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