Aussie Schoolgirl Refuses To Stand For National Anthem

9-year-old girl takes heat over anthem protest

Advance Australia Fair: Pauline Hanson attacks schoolgirl's anthem protest

"[The anthem] says Advance Australia Fair, which when it was originally written meant advance white Australia".

While her parents have defended their daughter, the year four student was reportedly given detention by her school and later told that in the future she could either leave the building during the anthem or stand without singing.

Harper told ABC Brisbane she felt annoyed the school was punishing her for expressing her beliefs.

A nine-year-old girl has stirred controversy after refusing to stand for Australia's national anthem in protest at alleged institutional racism. (9)"Converse colleges teach out certain requirements of behaviour that they question from their college students in their to blame behaviour thought for varsity students", a spokesperson said. "That's kind of really all there was to it, and she took it from there".

"This is divisive, I don't know what the other kids around her are thinking, where is this coming from?"

But the stance has angered Senator Hanson, who posted a video on Facebook calling for Harper to be kicked out of school.

The nine-year-old pupil said she believes the lyrics "we are young" marginalises indigenous people.

Her parents insisted they had no influence over their daughter's actions, however a number of politicians weren't convinced.

While I agree that Harper's anthem boycott may have been largely in part due to conversations with her parents and a result of her upbringing, the truth of the matter is that Harper's courage should be admired.

"Shame on her parents for using her as a political pawn".

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African-American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos created a stir in the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968 when they defied the "non-political" nature of the Olympics and took a public stand against racism at their awards ceremony while the United States' national anthem was being played.

On Wednesday evening, Nielsen appeared on The Project with her dad Mark to talk about her decision.

"When it says "we are young" it completely disregards the indigenous Australians who were here before us for 50,000 years".

"I'm angry about this".

Shadow education minister Jarrod Bleijie echoed Senator Hanson's words, saying Harper deserved suspension if she continued her protest.

"Rosa Parks refused to go to the back of the bus and Martin Luther King said "when that woman sat down I stood up", he said.

Mark Nielsen, Harper's father, told Nine News his daughter was "very courageous", adding he had met with the school's principal but no agreement had been reached. "Suspension should follow if she continues to act like a brat", he said on Twitter.

"State schools set out clear standards of behaviour that they expect from their students in their Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students".

A Department of Education spokeswoman told the Courier Mail that Kenmore South State School had been respectful of the student's wishes and has provided other alternatives to singing the national anthem.

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