Trump Blames ‘Inaccessible’ Puerto Rico for Hurricane Deaths of 2975 - Internet Explodes

Trump remains as enthusiastic about his Hurricane Maria response now as he did in October 2017 when he visited Puerto Rico after the storm

Trump says his response to the hurricane that killed almost 3,000 people was 'incredibly successful'

"Nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens died in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria".

The mayor of Ceiba, Angel Cruz Ramos, told CNN he's grateful for the generosity, but believes that too much water was delivered at the wrong time.

"I think Puerto Rico was incredibly successful", Trump told reporters Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the island's governor formally raised the death toll from the 2017 storm to an estimated 2,975 from 64 following a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University. This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billions of Dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico.

None of that is true, Meyers said, including the part about Puerto Rico being inaccessible ("There's a Jet Blue flight there every half hour", he noted), but it's not surprising that Trump is having a hard time calming people down because he is so freaked out over Bob Woodward's new book, Fear.

Hurricane Florence weakens slightly as it moves toward USA coast: NHC
Due to the storm's enormous size and power, it's been a recent - if not frightening - muse for astronaut photography . The hurricane center's projected track previously had Florence charging into the North Carolina coast on Friday .

With Hurricane Florence fast approaching the southeastern US and due to make landfall on Thursday, Trump pointed to his administration's emergency preparedness, saying he handled the situation in Puerto Rico well, despite what critics said. The study accounted for Puerto Ricans who succumbed to the stifling heat and other aftereffects of the storm and had not been previously counted in official figures. While 25 per cent of Harvey loans were OKed within 42 days, for Maria, that didn't happen until January 9, more than three months after the storm hit. "You did not do a good job in Puerto Rico".

The Republican president suggested the hurricane death toll was artificially inflated by adding those who passed away from natural causes such as old age.

"I love Puerto Rico!" he concluded.

The emergency supplies were brought in by FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which smashed the island and left its residents without power, without roofs and without running water. And he called it "one of the best jobs that's ever been done with respect to what this is all about".

The poll was conducted in July and August, but its release comes the same week that Trump touted his administration's actions surrounding Hurricane Maria, saying in the Oval Office on Tuesday that he thinks his administration's response was an "incredible, unsung success".

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