Saudi arrests Egyptian man over breakfast with female colleague, video sparks controversy

Man arrested for sharing breakfast with woman in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Has Arrested a Man After an 'Offensive Video' Showed Him Sharing Breakfast With a Woman

An Egyptian hotel worker has been arrested by the Saudi authorities for appearing in what the officials described an "offensive" video which showed him eating breakfast with a female co-worker.

In a video widely shared on social media, the pair can be seen eating breakfast at a desk and waving at the camera.

From the Ministry of Labor and Social Development they report that the arrested person is of Bahá'í faith [a monotheistic Abrahamic religion, born in Iran] and will be tried in court.

The Ministry reported that the owner of the hotel was caused due to non-compliance with state regulations that stipulate gender-segregative workplace. The latest case in point is a viral video which shows an Egyptian man having breakfast with a female colleague in his office. It has sparked outrage in a country which considers it unlawful for a woman to spend time with a man who is not her relative. Saudi Arabia enforces strict segregation laws banning men and woman from sitting together in nearly all public and work places unless they are related.

The public prosecutor later issued a statement urging foreign residents to adhere to the kingdom's laws and respect its values and traditions.

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Behind the arrest the fact that the meal between the two colleagues was immortalized in a video shot by the same immigrant, posted online that immediately went viral. The woman was wearing a traditional black robe called abbayya with a veil covering her face.

They are not allowed to carry out most activities without being accompanied by their male guardians, usually a father or husband, but possibly a brother or a son.

Saudi Arabia enforces strict segregation for men and women.

The incident comes in the midst of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's far-reaching reforms that have ended decades-long bans on women driving and cinemas.

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