Microsoft really doesn't want you to abandon Edge on Windows 10

Oops, Microsoft Is Doing It Again

Windows 10 now begs users to stick with Microsoft Edge when installing Chrome or other browsers

In the latest Insider build (1809) of the OS, Microsoft has started interrupting installations of the Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

The warning says Edge is "the safer, faster browser" and it encourages you to open Microsoft Edge instead of installing the other browser.

The BBC understands that, unlike some of the other new features in the prototype being tested by Insiders, the warnings will not be rolled out to the larger population of Windows 10 users in the next update. A user who initiates the installation of a browser does so on goal. Luckily the pop-up will take you right to the necessary section in the Settings app-"Apps & features"-so you can disable the "app recommendations" option that allows it and other prompts hawking Microsoft's software to appear".

For years now, Microsoft has been fighting what really feels like a losing battle against Google and Mozilla, two big players in the internet browser space. In a statement to CNET, Microsoft referred to its Windows test programme, and said, "We're now testing this functionality with insiders only". Considering the popularity of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft's tact to shame users into using Edge isn't going to be well received. Now it's being used to trumpet Edge, too.

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The tech giant also tried a similar push to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for all email links, but the company reversed the change after a backlash, the report noted. If someone is downloading Chrome or Firefox, they've already made their choice as to what browser they want to use.

I tried to install Chrome Stable and Firefox Stable, and both installations were intercepted by the prompt.

Microsoft sells an operating system we all pay for, even if it's built into the cost of the PCs we buy. You see, if a user makes the effort to manually download the installer for a browser with Edge, they obviously want to use that browser instead of Edge. So maybe you should make Edge a better browser instead of thinking up new ways to shove it in our faces.

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