Jamie Dimon says he could beat Trump, walks back comment

Jamie Dimon says he could beat Trump: 'I'm smarter than he is' | TheHill

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Disses Trump’s IQ, Says He Could Win in 2020: ‘I’m Smarter Than He Is’

"I think I could beat Trump", Dimon said early Wednesday during an event at his bank's NY headquarters, according to media accounts. "I should not have said it", he wrote.

Dimon has also been critical of the president's stands on immigration and trade.

"I should not have said it".

Dimon also took aim at Trump's wealth, saying of himself: "This wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money". 'It wasn't a gift from Daddy'. Proves I wouldn't make a good politician. "If you talk to anyone involved in business - forget banks and big business - talk to small businesses - do it yourself, don't ask me - they'll tell you it's crippling", said Dimon. "I am part of the elite", Dimon continued. 'I don't think the American public looks at Trump as part of the elite. "I would love to be president of the United States of America" he said, according to a Vanity Fair article. The banking executive fully supported President Trumps corporate tax cuts that passed late a year ago, but has expressed frustration with the White Houses positions on immigration and trade.

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Dimon later said he wished he hadn't said that, adding, "I'm not a political expert".

Mr. Dimon has a mixed relationship with the President.

Trump disbanded the board after he was criticized for failing to sufficiently condemn white supremacists in the aftermath of Charlottesville's rally last August. Dimon has been described in the past as America's least-hated banker and perhaps among the most prominent among his ilk in the national scene.

The comments come at a JPMorgan-sponsored event where the outspoken Dimon was answering questions from a moderator about whether he would might be interested in throwing his name in the mix in a 2020 fight for the presidency.

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