IPhone XC could be the name of Apple’s new entry level handset

iPhone XC: The colorful budget-friendly Apple phone

Apple to Limit Availability of New 6.1-inch iPhone Called iPhone Xr

The new Apple iPhone XS will have a dual sim option, as can be seen in an "advertisement" for China Mobile. However, an earlier alleged leaked presentation photo of Cinia Mobile via Weibo revealed the Naming Scheme for the upcoming iPhone line up as the iPhone XC, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. Apple will also unveil a cheaper 6.1 inch LCD iPhone this year.

Based on the invite we're expecting Apple boss Tim Cook to take to the stage at 10am PDT, which is local California time.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are expected to be the true "upgrades" to the iPhone X. They are expected to sport OLED screens that measure at 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches and the new Apple A12 chipset. This will be arguably the biggest update for the Apple Watch since it first launched in 2014. While the key highlight of the event is said to be the launch of three new iPhones, Apple is also expected to take the wraps of its Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch.

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You can also watch it from the Special Event app on Apple TV.

The report cites "minor complications fitting backlights for the LCD screen, according to people familiar with the matter" as the main reason there might not be enough of the new low-priced iPhone at first.

As for battery life, Apple claims the new phone will last an hour and a half longer than 2017's iPhone 8 Plus. China Telecom shared what appears to be an iPhone mock-up with a dual-SIM tray. Cupertino is expected to kick off a season of what seems to be two of the best months of the industry if you are a fan of new hardware unveilings. "Other platforms may also be able to access the stream using recent versions of Chrome or Firefox (MSE, H.264, and AAC required)". A more understandable name would be the iPhone Xc since that ties back to the iPhone 5c and tells people the handset is cheaper and more colorful. "The new iPhone is on the market", the teaser reads, machine translated. In fact, we know more about Apple's new iPhone models right now than we typically do at this point, since one of the latest big leaks came from Apple itself. The large text over the illustration says, "New Apple with dual SIM?" while the smaller text mentions the benefits of having one for network and one for data.

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