Detachable and thin-bezeled "Pixelbooks" spotted ahead of Google launch event

Upcoming Google Pixelbook devices allegedly shown off in 3 new leaks

The Google Pixelbook 2 leaks with thinner bezels, round keys

It is a little hard to believe that Google, who makes the majority of their revenue off of web-based ads, "accidentally" launched advertisements picturing a Pixelbook with thinner bezels than any other Chrome device on the market.

A new video that claims to offer a peek at an upcoming Google Pixelbook has leaked.

Given that the ad depicts what appears to be a Chrome OS device with a similar convertible form factor to the Pixelbook, this design may be for the Pixelbook 2 model with a code name of Atlas.

However, Chromebook ads posted by The Verge reveal a different device entirely: a white-and-gray laptop with thin bezels, what appears to be a firmly-attached keyboard, a stylus, and a foldable screen.

This ad screenshot was published by Chrome Unboxed.

In addition to new Pixel devices at the upcoming Google event in October, the company is also expecting to unveil a successor to the Google Pixelbook.

We're digging deep to see if we can find the original video the image was taken from but I will have to admit, it would be a stretch to think that Google made a "bad render" of the original Pixelbook in a YouTube TV ad.

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The device in this video is reportedly codenamed "Nocturne", but there's not much else known about it right now.

Unlike the Facebook ads that showed a device with bezels so thin, it was nearly guaranteed to be a bad photoshop, these images appear significantly smaller than the original Pixelbook while keeping things realistic. It's unclear if both of these are Pixelbook 2, and we don't know if they'll ever launch.

Based on previous evidence, there's a good chance this is "Nocturne" - a detachable 2-in-1 Chrome OS laptop/tablet that keeps popping up in commits.

More skinny bezels on these ads.

Once again, the only discernable difference here is that the bezels are much smaller - even more so than in the first advert.

Also, a Google AdSense advertisement had illustrated a device which is called a Chromebook.

But this could still be a trend that Google will pursue for its next generationof Pixelbook designs - just not to this extreme.

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