Apple Watch Series 4 With Bigger Display, ECG Capability Launched

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Inside the watch is a new Apple S4 processor. This makes it twice as fast as the Series 3. However, Apple's total share of the smartwatch market dipped, down from 43% to 34% during the first quarter of this year, indicating the smartwatch market overall has become more crowded and competitive. This technology has been approved by the FDA, and it makes it the first electrocardiogram you can get over-the-counter and take home.

Bigger Apple Watch screenThe displays are bigger and lovely.

Apple is promising that the Apple Watch Series 4 will provide identical battery life to its predecessor, which translates to a full day of usage. They're more than 30 percent larger than previous versions, but with slimmer 40mm and 44mm profiles rather than 42mm and 46mm sizes.

Spending a few hundred bucks on the new Apple Watch isn't a small commitment, especially when you factor in the cost of an LTE model which comes with a monthly charge to keep it connected.

There are new heart rate notifications as well.

For the first time since the wearable's introduction, Apple is boosting its physical size, as well as the size of its display.

It can inform users of irregular heart rhythms, and low heart rates, and has other great health monitoring features.

But here's the thing: as cool as it may be, the Apple Watch Series 4 is also pricey. You can take an ECG by opening the app and placing your finger on the Digital Crown. Apple says all ECG data is recorded and stored as part of Health record and can be cross synced with your doctor.

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It can check your ECG in the background, and while it won't catch every instance of fibrillation, it could help people who don't even know they have an issue.

The Digital Crown has been completely re-engineered to give wearers haptic feedback. The speaker is also 50-percent louder, which is a very welcomed change in my book.

The back of Series 4 is made entirely of ceramic and sapphire crystal. This allows signals to pass from the front and the back to improve Global Positioning System and LTE.

Ok, Apple watch has our attention.

Listed alongside the Apple Watch Series 3 models that launched previous year, the new models are simply referred to as "Apple Watch" (though we have to assume that this is the "Apple Watch Series 4" that has shown up in leaks in recent weeks).

Apple Watch Nike+ features redesigned Nike watch faces that match the new band colours.

Apple updated the Modular Face, too, so you can use third-party apps with it. You can glance at your fitness progress, calendar or flight plans.

Apple's new smartwatches would also feature automatic accident detection for the first time, Mr Williams said, and had been created to measure the difference between a user slipping, tripping, and falling. "It all starts with a stunning new display", said Williams. There's one for fire, water and vapor that look really attractive. Watch Series 4 is now thinner and new complications have been introduced that show information in detail.

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