China threatens RETALIATION after Trump warns of fresh tariffs in trade war

Workers pack tinned peaches for export at a fruits processor in Huaibei city in central China's Anhui province. — AP

Workers pack tinned peaches for export at a fruits processor in Huaibei city in central China's Anhui province. — AP

On 31 August, citing Trump's new tariffs, Ford said it was dropping plans to ship the Focus Active from China to America.

Apple has indicated that President Donald Trump's proposed decision to impose 25 per cent more tariffs on products from China could result in prices of some devices from the company going up.

Trump declared victory on Sunday, writing: "This is just the beginning".

But in a statement, Ford said it would "not be profitable to build the Focus Active in the US", given forecast yearly sales below 50,000. Simply put, establishing a local production of the auto would not make a successful business case.

President Trump has a solution for how Ford and Apple can avoid getting dinged by his administration's tariffs: shift their manufacturing to the U.S.

Apple told trade officials in a letter on Friday that the proposed tariffs would affect prices for a "wide range" of Apple products, including its watch.

"Ford is proud to employ more USA hourly workers and build more vehicles in the US than any other automaker", the company said.

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Trump's threatened tariffs cover a total of $517 billion in Chinese goods, which would exceed last year's goods imports of $505 billion from China. Start building new plants now.

China has threatened retaliation, which could include action against United States companies operating there.

Mobile phones, the biggest U.S. import from China, have so far been unaffected but would be engulfed if Mr Trump activates the $267bn tariff list. Trump tweeted Sunday morning. "Looking forward, the focus would be on how the market reacts after Apple releases its latest models", said Kevin Chung, analyst at JihSun Securities Investment Consulting, as quoted by Reuters.

"Because all tariffs ultimately show up as a tax on U.S. consumers, they will increase the cost of Apple products that our customers have come to rely on in their daily lives", Apple's letter said.

But Ford had originally planned to bring the small crossover vehicle to the USA market beginning in late 2019.

In China, labor costs for motor vehicle and parts manufacturing are about $8 per hour including benefits, but it's more than $52 per hour in the US, according to Dziczek.

Apple, in pushing back on the tariff proposal, said it bought more than $50 billion worth of components from US-based suppliers past year and that it's the largest U.S. corporate tax payer.

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