One of Spider-Man PS4's Most Heartfelt Easter Eggs Has Turned Sour

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The Spider-Man Marriage Easter Egg is so Tragic That It May Be Patched Out

Tyler Schultz tweeted at Insomniac Games in May asking for help with proposing to his girlfriend. While Schultz's confidence that the marriage proposal easter egg from Insomniac Games' would no doubt win his lady's heart, it turned out that nothing could be further from the truth.

Schultz replied back, saying that since they'd been together five years "I think she'll still be around in September lol".

Insomniac agreed, and included the proposal in Spidey's open-world adventure on a movie theatre marquee. Explained in the video below, it appears that the Madison in question left Tyler for his brother three to four weeks before the game's release.

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Even though Schultz said that this "might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg", Schultz said he's happy it's still in the game, and even said that he hopes another couple will use that as their proposal.

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Over on Twitter, the video was brought to the attention of Insomniac Art Director, Jacinda Chew, who asked Schultz if he wants the Easter Egg to be changed in a future patch. I mean... Do you have to change it? When developers go the extra mile to hide these little tidbits in their titles, it can feel like those companies really care about their community.

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