Spat escalates between Nauru and China, International

Pacific leaders leave no doubt on differences with Australia over climate pledges

'Very insolent': Nauru president slams China envoy at stormy Pacific summit

The Chinese delegation then stormed out, with Du reportedly striding around the room to emphasise his displeasure before leaving.

Watts With That published a guest post which displayed the authoritarian attitude over global warming in an article which began "Australia and New Zealand and the Pacific Island Nations have just tried to bully the US on climate policy by signing the Boe Declaration, a joint declaration of the 49th Pacific Islands Forum which names climate change as the single greatest threat to the region, and specifically demands that the United States of America rejoin the Paris Agreement". Nauru has no diplomatic relations with China. The move drew threats of a boycott from other attendees with ties to Beijing.

The diplomatic spat pits Nauru - with a population of 11,000 and an area of just 21 square kilometres (eight square miles) - against the Asian superpower.

He accused Du of trying to throw his weight around and not respecting the fact that national leaders at the meeting outranked him and deserved to be heard first.

Waqa described China's envoy as "very insolent" and a "bully" for speaking out of turn.

"The aspiration is for the be in the Paris Agreement again because we can not have comprehensive robust emission reduction unless the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas is there in the process, we can not leave the USA out".

The exchange with Du highlighted sensitivities over Beijing's rising influence in the Pacific, where China provided an estimated US$1.78 billion in aid to island nations between 2006-16.

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The Australian government must urgently evacuate the 107 refugee children and their families trapped in appalling conditions in Nauru, or else accept New Zealand's offer to provide safe haven, said Amnesty International, as the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) comes to a close in Nauru today.

"Nauru, as the host of the forum, violated worldwide norms and the rules of the forum, and put on a clumsy farce", Hua told a daily news briefing.

Meanwhile, Australia and New Zealand have boosted their foreign aid programmes in the Pacific to counter Chinese influence in a region they regard as their backyard. Nauru played host to the 49 PIF from September 3 to September 6, where a host of regional issues including climate change as a security threat were discussed by the 18 member states, and numerous of dialogue partners including China and Taiwan.

Leaders on Wednesday night, including Foreign Minister Marise Payne jointly stated that "climate change presents the single greatest threat to the livelihood, security and wellbeing of the Pacific people" and acknowledged the importance of "immediate urgent action to combat climate change".

Meanwhile, a New Zealand journalist who was taken into police custody for interviewing an asylum-seeker has disputed the official account of her treatment.

Chinese state-run tabloid Global Times said in an editorial that the dispute was connected to Nauru's recognition of Taiwan.

Pacific Islands Forum leaders gather for a group photo ahead of their retreat.

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