Bot or not? Amazon says its perky Twitter ambassadors are real

Amazon paying employees to tweet nice things about warehouse working conditions

Amazon workers are being paid to defend the company on Twitter

(The FC stands for fulfillment center.) They've seemingly appeared on Twitter in the last few weeks, springing to the defense of their employer when other Twitter users criticize the working conditions and pay of Amazon's fulfillment center employees.

Working conditions at the firm's 140 fulfillment centres around the world, which includes 16 in the United Kingdom, have come under intense scrutiny in recent years.

Amazon confirmed to Mashable that actual employees with experience working in the company's fulfillment centers run the accounts, but they've chosen to be FC ambassadors full time.

However, the Amazon FC ambassadors have been offering a different story. [List of things they like outside of work].

However, Amazon has been telling journalists that the ambassadors are all real employees that work at the company's fulfillment centers, where deliveries are prepared. "The most important thing is that they've been here long enough to honestly share the facts based on personal experience", a spokesperson for Amazon tells Fortune.

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This kind of coordinated pushback, targeting specific criticisms, shows that Amazon is taking steps to improve its reputation. Bernie Sanders, who see Amazon's growth as abuses of capitalism. Amazon won't say if these people are being paid for their time spent tweeting good news about the company, although clearly there's some sort of mass mobilisation and attempt at whitewashing online discussion going on at the company at the very least. A frequent theme is Bezos' extreme wealth compared to the relatively little that Amazon's lowest-paid workers make.

More than a dozen Amazon workers are defending their employer on Twitter after a string of reports detailing bad working conditions at the company's fulfillment centers.

Soon after news of the existence of the group became widely known, many people added the title of "FC ambassador" to their Twitter bio.

"Amazon is proud to have created over 130,000 new jobs in the previous year alone. Lots of ops to move up into even higher paying jobs too". "One of the reasons we've been able to attract so many people to join us is that our number one priority is to ensure a positive and safe working environment", Amazon said in a statement to Business Insider in July.

Tech blog TechCrunch, whose sister site Gizmodo has previously reported on poor working conditions at Amazon warehouses, describes the apparently overjoyed employees as an "unnerving, Stepford-like presence".

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