Netflix disputes they’re airing commercials between TV episodes (even though they are)

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Netflix Logo

In 2016, Netflix launched video previews that play when users browse.

There are a lot of different TV shows available to stream on Netflix, and the service is testing out a way to maximize promotions while you binge away. Netflix has since reportedly attempted to clarify that the promos aren't technically ads, that they actually provide some benefit to users since they refer them to other programming Netflix's algorithms think those users might enjoy, and that the promos are entirely skippable.

Netflix is always looking for new ways to advertise its original content to subscribers but one new idea may have taken things too far. After all, you're already paying to watch its shows.

'Dear Netflix, show me any ads on a paid subscription and I'll be cancelling your service, ' one said.

'Netflix wtf? If I wanted to watch ads I'd just watch TV.

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Like many technology firms, Netflix regularly tests new features, large and small, by switching them on for a subset of its users and recording the reaction. The company, though, is being mindful of "chatter on social channels" on how users are reacting to the change.

Netflix has since issued a statement to Cord Cutters, asserting that the adverts can be skipped "at any time".

Netflix says it conducts hundreds of tests every year to better understand what helps members more easily find something to watch.

"Since then, we have been experimenting even more with video based on personalised recommendations for shows and movies on the service or coming shortly, and continue to learn from our members", the spokesperson said.

"We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster."
If you really want to get rid of these ads, however, skip or simply don't click on them; Netflix will be "looking at [user] behavior within the service" to determine whether these short commercials become a permanent feature.

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