Eagles 'Greatest Hits' Passes 'Thriller' as Top-Selling Album

The Eagles in 1977 Don Henley Joe Walsh Randy Meisner Glenn Frey and Don Felder from left               AP

The Eagles in 1977 Don Henley Joe Walsh Randy Meisner Glenn Frey and Don Felder from left AP

The last time RIAA tallied sales for the Eagles' greatest hits album was in 2006, when it said it was 29x platinum.

Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 comprises a string of massive hits, among them Take It Easy, Witchy Woman, Lyin' Eyes, Desperado, One of These Nights and Take It to the Limit - but it does not include Hotel California. The late King Of Pop's long reign in the top spot has now been officially overtaken by the rock act that previously logged the No. 2 bestseller.

The Eagles' first hits compilation, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975, has passed Michael Jackson's Thriller as the top-selling album of all time, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

While the Eagles' LP takes the gold, 33x platinum Thriller snags silver while yet another Eagles album-Hotel California-follows with bronze at 26x platinum. You can view the RIAA's list of the Top 100 certified albums of all time at its site. In 1994, they reunited with original band members Don Henley and Glenn Frey. 1,500 streams or 10 song downloads is equivalent to a sale, by their metrics. Now, with streaming and downloads included, this sum blends the sale of entire albums (one album sold equals one unit), sales of track equivalent albums (ten tracks sold equals one unit) and streaming (1,500 streams equals one unit sold).

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The Eagles were formed in Los Angeles in the 1970s and brought a boozy mix of rock-n-roll and country music to the industry.

Oh, and The Eagles also hold the fort on the third-best-selling album of all time too.

Don Henley, in a statement released, stated he and the rest of the band are grateful for their management, crew, the radio, and their fans.

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