Mailman greeted by Ball Python at Overland Park home

Overland Park Police

Overland Park Police

Neighbors told WDAF the 8-foot-long snake wrapped itself in the Overland Park home's railing and over a mailbox.

"The poor resident did not receive their mail today (obviously)", the police department tweeted.

Pictures posted by Overland Park police show three animal control officers helping to remove the large snake.

Rain, snow, sleet, even barking dogs are fine, but a Kansas postal worker had to draw the line when he found a red tail boa constrictor draped over a mailbox.

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"It was too big for her to get and put in a box by herself so called in her boss, the police came", neighbour Holly Gibson told 41 Action News. A postal worker discovered the out-of-place snake during his typical route on Friday.

"I've seen snakes here - but not one like that", he said.

Police say the python is in a foster home right now until they can locate its rightful owner.

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