Judge Ellis Receives DEATH THREATS, Now Traveling with US MARSHALS — MANAFORT MAYHEM

Jury in Paul Manafort trial poses questions about reasonable doubt

Trump: Trial of Former Aide Manafort 'Very Sad'

The financial fraud trial is the first courtroom test of the Russian Federation probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mr Manafort managed Mr Trump's campaign for several months in 2016 - and he was in charge when Mr Trump cinched the Republican party's nomination.

"I won't tell you what threats I've received, but I have the protection of the Marshals", Ellis said. Based on the reports I've read in the media, though, it seems fairly clear that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team has done a very good job of presenting a very strong case against Manafort, a case that is very document-intensive and which seems to leave little room for doubt about the fact that Manafort engaged in a scheme that lasted for years that was created to hide his income and to misrepresent his assets to financial institutions that continued even in the time he was working for the Trump campaign and his financial house of cards was collapsing around him. When he did offer thoughts on the trial moments later, he continued to attempt to put daylight between himself and his former campaign chair, telling reporters Manafort "worked for [him] for a very short period of time".

"If you're Paul Manafort and you hear about that - and we all know Paul Manafort's heard about that - it's hard to read that as anything other than a message to Manafort: 'Hold on, don't cut a deal with the government while the jury is out'".

"I don't feel right if I release their names", he said, adding that he has also faced threats for his role in the trial, according to The Hill.

The court in Alexandria, Virginia, has heard closing arguments and the jury has retired to consider a verdict. The jurors met for about seven hours on Thursday without reaching a verdict on 18 criminal counts with which Manafort is charged. He has already issued a series of pardons, including for a political ally, former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. If convicted on all counts, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

The judge made the comments after receiving requests from the media for the jurors' personal information.

The Federalist pointed out that that this isn't CNN's first time to try to intimidate people whose views don't match those of the network.

Trump made his comments while the jurors deliberated behind closed doors on Friday morning, August 17. It could also boost Mueller's position as he negotiates with Trump's lawyers over a potential interview.

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Gates previously pleaded guilty to financial charges brought by Mueller, and he is cooperating with the special counsel.

"I've received criticism and threats".

"We trust jurors to be on their best behavior and wall themselves off but that kind of goes against human nature", Ohlin said.

"I think Bruce Ohr is a disgrace".

Prosecutors say Manafort earned some $60 million consulting for the Russia-backed political party in Ukraine, and hid at least $16 million in income from the IRS between 2010 and 2014.

Judge T.S. Ellis revealed Friday that he has faced "criticism and threats" as he oversees the first trial in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. Jury lists are considered to be public unless a judge bans any access to them. He did not indicate he had inside knowledge of their deliberations.

Before wrapping up their work for the day, the jurors asked U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis their first questions, including the definition of "reasonable doubt".

But defense attorney Richard Westling told the jury Manafort should be acquitted because the government had not met its burden to prove that he was "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt".

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