Orca given antibiotics in rescue attempt

Katy Foster  NOAA Fisheries

Katy Foster NOAA Fisheries

The agency said researchers will continue to monitor the whale and may, in future, try feeding her live chinook salmon laced with medication. "It's very hard to say, but certainly they're very intelligent animals and the loss of this animal is quite profound for both the (killer whales) and I think for everyone who witnesses this". "There was no sign of the groups waiting for her ... she was mostly with her mom as well as her siblings". They will need to be within roughly 16 feet of the whale to get a breath sample.

"You can look at as mourning behaviour; there's a lot of different theories out there".

"Removing the calf would be a very, very hard decision, and obviously we would have to take many factors into consideration, so that's now not on the table", she said. NOAA would apply for the feeding permit if conditions are right, said Lynne Barre, NOAA Fisheries' recovery coordinator for the whales. Moreover, she expressed her worry over the nutrition of the orca. In addition, she has a depression on the back of her head which is indicative of a condition called "peanut head", a syndrome which has reportedly killed 11 of the 13 orcas researchers have found with it.

DFO researchers have spotted J50 and her mother, J16, in recent days off the west coast of Vancouver Island and in US waters off the Olympic Peninsula northwest of Neah Bay, Washington.

A team of veterinarians is now waiting in the state of Washington to try to approach the J-50 killer whale to give him antibiotics in USA waters. Because of how long she had been doing this, the pressing concerns if she's still eating or if she's been given food by other members of the pod are starting to heavily louden.

"I think that's one of the things that's most worrisome to me".

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The plan on Thursday was to provide emergency assistance for the whale, with a visual medical assessment, as well as a shot of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Effort may also be made to collect a sample of her breath using a petri dish on a pole. It could be that the animal is starving, or some other disease process is resulting in them not wanting to eat, Dr Hanson said. "If they're stopping to forage or socialize, that's a much better opportunity". "The feeling is it's quite urgent given the whale's condition". Her mother, however, was not ready to let go.

"This type of grief in people often goes underground, it's, 'It's just a dog, an animal, move on.' People go underground with these feelings, they are delegitimized".

Experts have been watching the young whale lose weight since June and they took the novel action in an effort to prevent the loss of more reproductive potential within the population.

"This is completely unprecedented, and honestly your guess is as good as ours as far as what is going on here", Deborah Giles, a research scientist at the University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology, said in a phone interview.

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