Cam Jordan Tweets at Trump: What a Goober

NFL player responds to Trump's tweet: 'What a goober'

Cam Jordan calls Donald Trump a 'Goober' for anthem tweets

Saints linebacker Cam Jordan responded to President Donald Trump's criticism of NFL players protesting during the national anthem with three tweets.

Tapper on Friday accused the president of sowing division ahead of a weekend anniversary of last summer's violent "Unite the Rally" in Charlottesville, Va. - where white supremacists clashed with counter-protest - by condemning NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem instead.

Trump slammed the National Football League on social media Friday morning, saying players should "be happy, be cool" to be a part of the beloved American sport. But after teams actually began instituting policies to fine players for kneeling, outrage led to the NFL suspending that policy and they're still working with the NFL Player's Association to determine the best course or action. They make a fortune doing what they love.

In a subsequent post 14 minutes later, Trump continued: "Be happy, be cool!" Find another way to protest. Stills said he and Wilson didn't coordinate their decision to kneel.

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The players are part of a growing number of athletes who have used that moment to protest police brutality and racial inequality, something Broward PBA Vice President Rod Skirvin called "disrespectful and disgusting".

The union has changed its tone since Dolphins Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson got down on one knee and Robert Quinn raised a fist in support during the anthem before Thursday night's pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A new NFL policy announced earlier this year requires players to stand during the national anthem but gives them an option of remaining in the locker room during the pregame performance of the song if they choose.

"The NFL Players are at it again - " said Trump in a Tweet.

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