Schuette wins Michigan Republican governor primary

Abdul El Sayed has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Abdul El Sayed has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Polls are open in most of MI where primary voters will decide key nominations are for governor, U.S. Senate and other offices.

In a video posted Wednesday, in which Shapiro mocked Democratic National Committee chairperson Tom Perez for labeling the NY congressional candidate the "future of the Democratic Party", he offered to donate $10,000 to her campaign if she accepted an offer to debate him.

Pollster Bernie Porn of EPIC-MRA in Lansing said Trump, whose endorsements of Schuette and John James helped carry them to wins, energized both the Republican and Democratic bases to vote on Tuesday. Turnout figures posted online only go back to 1978.

Former Democratic legislative leader Gretchen Whitmer and Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette won the nominations for MI governor on Tuesday, besting five other candidates who were also vying to succeed term-limited GOP Gov. Rick Snyder. Debbie Stabenow, who is seeking a fourth term.

Whitmer would not be Michigan's first female governor, nor has she made the anti-Trump resistance movement a centerpiece of her campaign, instead focusing on issues such as road repairs, school funding and water. "When you've got a Legislature that's so male, all the leaders making decisions around our health care being white males. you get the policies that we have here in MI". And yet our leaders have failed us, and that's exactly what this campaign is all about: taking care of the families of this state. "So electing more women empowers those voices and informs better decision-making". And she touted her experience during her victory speech in Detroit.

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"I hope to earn your support as we move forward", Schuette said.

"We are protesting against Vice President Pence because we do not agree with some of the things he agrees with", says one protester.

The Vice President will be a special guest at a Republican Unity Rally at 6:30 Grand Rapids. He declined to name her.

In Kansas, Republicans were also hurtling to the end of a bruising primary for governor: Jeff Colyer, the Republican incumbent, appeared at dire risk of losing the GOP nomination to Kris Kobach, a hard-right state official whom Trump endorsed on Monday.

"You've noted that you think Republicans are afraid to debate you or talk to you or discuss the issues with you", Shapiro said in his pitch.

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