Look up: Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend

This Weekend Is The Perseid Meteor Show - Viewing Conditions Will Be Perfect

Yahoo News explains: Where can you see the Perseid meteor shower?

With the exception of some isolated patchy fog in spots, our skies should remain mostly clear as temperatures drop into the mid 60s under calm northwest winds between 2 to 5 miles per hour. When the Earth approaches the stream of debris, the Perseid meteor shower appears.

The key to seeing a meteor is to take in as much sky as possible.

Perseids will be in the north, northeastern sky Saturday and Sunday nights.

According to NASA, just because this weekend is the peak of the meteor shower doesn't mean they can't be seen afterward.

NASA scientists say the best time to see the meteor shower is any time after 10 p.m., up to a few hours before dawn.

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You'll need to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. The ice and dust from that field then burn up in our atmosphere, creating the meteor shower. Every meteor we see is actually a tiny piece of the comet burning up as it strikes the Earth's atmosphere. This particular meteor shower "normally produces, statistically, up to 60 meteors per hour", Henderson said.

Last week Mars was the closest it's been to Earth since 2003. "Even if the sky is dark enough, if you are exposed to any bright light nearby, your eyes will not be dark-adapted", said Bellavia.

Meteor showers are named after the constellation of stars the meteors radiate from. Meteor showers are a great opportunity for time-lapse videos and long-exposure photography, allowing your shots of the night sky to turn into van Gogh-like paintings of this starry spectacle.

Brad says the best view can be found away from city lights.

The Virtual Telescope Project will be streaming a view of the Perseid meteor shower on Sunday from the Castel Santa Maria in Italy's Perugia province, where the community is restoring the 16th-century church that has been damaged by several earthquakes.

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