Uber drivers log off in Australia-wide protest against low fares

Uber drivers want to ditch upfront pricing and be paid for the actual time and distance travelled

Camera Icon Uber drivers want to ditch upfront pricing and be paid for the actual time and distance travelled

The number of for-hire vehicles, which was 63,000 when the cap was proposed in 2015, has surged to more than 100,000 vehicles. "We also can't forget the crushing financial and emotional hardship drivers of all types face".

The package comes after a spate of driver suicides dramatized the economic plight caused by an oversupply of taxis, e-hail vehicles, and limousines.

Drivers that are in support of the bill, both from taxi companies and within Uber and Lyft, claim that a spike in traffic, drop-off in productivity, and steep decline in the value of taxi medallions from over $1 million down to less than $200,000 are all results of ride-sharing's now unchecked rise in the city.

The City Council will vote on legislation meant to curb the number of ride-hailing services.

Taxi and Uber drivers compete on the streets for passengers, but they find common ground on the cap. The drivers are protesting against the company for adding features that are created to further underpay and shortchange them.

"Every driver needs a raise, and this package is the first step toward stopping the crisis of poverty", said TWA Executive Director Bhairavi Desai.

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They see it as the only way to help yellow cab drivers, who have been overwhelmed by debt since Uber and Lyft took off.

"The bills as drafted didn't really do anything to address the people who are in the most trouble right now, which are the taxi drivers with the underwater medallions", Joseph Okpaku, a Lyft vice-president, said in an interview.

The council bills also set a minimum pay standard. The debate mirrors an worldwide discussion over how to regulate the ride-sharing services.

The one-year cap would allow unlimited additional permits for wheelchair-accessible cars and exceptions in the event that data show certain neighborhoods require additional cab service.

Mr de Blasio defended the cap Friday and argued that it was part of his broader efforts on income inequality.

"Put simply, the lawsuit aims to demonstrate how Uber's arrival has directly led to a loss of earnings for London black cab drivers. That alone is a reason to call a time out and assess what's going on here".

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