There's a new scam going around on WhatsApp that's targeting group chats

WhatsApp users can share forwarded messages to only five contacts

WhatsApp users can share forwarded messages to only five contacts

Recently, it has introduced the forward label and also limited the forwarding of messages to 5 people at one go.

The report of the flaw comes as the Facebook-owned company is coming under increasing scrutiny as a means of spreading misinformation due to its popularity and convenience for forwarding messages to groups. "The limit has started to appear this week for people in India who are on the current version of WhatsApp", the social media gaint said in a statement on Wednesday.

WhatsApp confirmed that it has begun rolling out its forward message limit in India, which is its biggest market at 200 million users, according to news agency IANS.

WhatsApp has already been criticised for not doing enough to halt the spread of fake news and misinformation, particularly in India where a large portion of its 1.5 billion users reside.

Following multiple incidents of mob lynching across the country, the government had slapped WhatsApp with two notices, with the second one warning that it will treat the messaging platform as abettor' of rumour propagation and legal consequences will follow if adequate checks are not put in place.

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Instant messaging service WhatsApp, has officially restricted the number of forwards for its Indian users to five at a time.

In its earlier blogpost regarding this new feature on Forwarding message, WhatsApp had written, "Today, we're launching a test to limit forwarding that will apply to everyone using WhatsApp".

The government has asked WhatsApp to come out with more effective solutions to bring in accountability and facilitate law enforcement, in addition to labelling forwards and identifying fake news.

Globally, the company allows users to forward messages for up to 20 chats (either individuals or groups). So it does not stop mass forwards, but makes it more hard for the user.

The app's end-to-end encryption doesn't help in this instance, and Woog also said that verification of every single message would be too hard a task and possibly create further security implications.

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