Stoneman Douglas Shooter Nikolas Cruz Confession Tapes Released, He Says 'Kill Me'

School board asks judge to hold newspaper in contempt for reporting on Parkland shooter's past | TheHill

Parkland school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz confession video released

The Parkland School Board failed to properly redact a document judges ordered them to release.

Cruz, a 19-year-old former Stoneman Douglas student, is charged with killing 17 people there February 14.

Also on the video, Cruz's brother Zachary is allowed into the interrogation room and the brothers discuss what happened earlier that day and how their mother would have reacted to it.

The public defender representing Cruz had asked that the entire interview remain private, claiming it could possibly sway jury members.

"I'm the last guy you're gonna have to talk to", he tells Cruz. And then when pressed by the detective why he didn't know he told him, "I don't deserve it". Just (expletive) kill me.

"The decision was made without my consultation, and I would like to have a say in what's going on right now", said board member Robin Bartleman. "At the end, you are nothing but worthless, dude", he mumbles to himself, according to the documents. You deserve to die because you're (expletive) worthless and you (expletive) (unintelligible) everyone.

"I want to die".

Cruz told Curcio a demon voice in his head encouraged him to "burn, kill, destroy".

While heavily edited, it still offers a glimpse into Cruz's mindset leading up to the shooting - or at least, how he wanted to be seen by Broward Sheriff's Office homicide detectives.

After the release of Cruz's statement, the father of one victim said he and his family "have faith" in Broward State Attorney Michael Satz and his office's decision to seek the death penalty.

The details about Cruz's calculated strategy to kill as many students as he could were not released.

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Detective John Curcio: "It's a man's voice?"

The investigator said he did not believe Cruz's story that he was listening to demons and said he's making up as an excuse for the shooting.

The detective pushed Cruz on whether or not the voice really existed, "You could have stopped the demon by getting a prescription for marijuana". I am sorry that I grew up being a dumb jerk to you and made fun of you and didn't want you to hang out with my friends. we do different stuff. "Why didn't you want to stop the demon?"

Cruz became defensive of those accusations, and told the detective over and over, "I don't like the demon", before asking for an attorney and ending the interrogation.

In the interrogation room, Cruz said he went fishing the day of the mass shooting and purposely cut himself on the arm with a knife.

"I'm not buying it", said Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was also killed in the Parkland shooting.

Several parts of the transcript were redacted in accordance with Florida law, which exempts public disclosure of the substance of a confession of a person arrested until the case is fully resolved.

The Nikolas Cruz confession tapes were released on Wednesday, and they're far more disturbing than people imagined.

Cruz, a former Stoneman Douglas student, roamed the hallways of the 1200 building on campus February 14 for several minutes, targeting victims huddled in classrooms on the first and second floors, killing 14 students and three school employees in one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history.

The 19-year-old sat slumped in a chair, barefooted, wearing a hospital gown with one leg shackled to the floor.

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