Raiders Could End Up Trading Khalil Mack Due to His Holdout

Packers open to'conversations about trading for Khalil Mack

Packers open to'conversations about trading for Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is a dominant force. Remember, Cooper shares an agent with Mack, so we should probably be prepared for another offseason merry-go-round in 2019.

Freeman notes Mack wants a new contract, but as we've seen time and time again in the National Football League, it's unusual these front office staredowns don't end in the player's favor.

"The odds of such a trade were zero percent a few months back, but now they are 20 to 30 percent and increasing every day, one NFC team executive said", per Freeman.

Which, I believe, means this isn't at the boiling point yet and all logical indications are that the most likely result is that Mack will be in uniform for the Raiders for the season opener against the Rams on Monday night, September 10.

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No offense to those guys, but Khalil Mack would be a clear upgrade. So, it would be shocking if the Raiders chose to trade him, right?

Oakland knows Mack wants insane money, and they simply don't value him that highly. It would be nice if it were a pass rusher that could help replace some of the void Mack will create upon his departure, but that shouldn't be a deal breaker.

But, apparently Mack wants even more than that. Mike Pettine would be able to deploy Mack in multiple packages and feel confident that he will be the best player on the field and turn the Packers defense into a championship caliber unit. How, might you ask? I think he's not only their best defensive player, I think he's their best player period. The reality is that it is never a fiscally responsible decision to acquire a player that will demand the salary allocation and draft capital that Mack demands. However, it could certainly be worth the tremendous cost from a revenue standpoint if it gives the Packers a three to five-year window to legitimately contend for a super bowl during the final stretch of Aaron Rodgers career. Because Mack is on the a year ago of his rookie deal, it removes some of Oakland's bargaining power. The Rams bolstered their roster big time this offseason, and a win against them would likely change the way the media sees this team moving forward. If the tension between the two sides gets worse, is it possible Mack could be playing for a different team in 2018? Papa said. "I don't know how this is going to play out".

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