Power Rangers movie sequel is a go

Ready for more Power Rangers?                  Lionsgate

Ready for more Power Rangers? Lionsgate

Last year's Power Rangers movie revived a franchise that had appeared to have faded away. He claims that Hasbro will work with a new movie studio to develop the next Power Rangers film.

After Hasbro recently acquired the franchise from Saban Brands, it looks like they have plans to pick up where the 2017 film left off.

According to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner, the aim for Power Rangers being part of the Hasbro umbrella is to further push its prominence, which includes a future on the cinematic landscape.

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Lionsgate and Toei Company Ltd. distributed the first Power Rangers, with SCG Films and Temple Hill Entertainment serving as its production companies. 90's babies can attest to the popularity of Power Rangers in their youth, but after several spin-off shows and a few movies, the futuristic ninja warriors wilted away into obscurity. The International Licensing Industry Merchandiser's Association reports that Hasbro is indeed interested in making an official sequel to the 2017 film. Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to continue following Heroic Hollywood for all the latest news regarding this franchise as well as Hasbro's other licensed properties set for big screen adaptations.

Israelite's film saw the Power Rangers come together in the little town of Angel Grove to unlock the power of the Rangers and save their town - and the entire world - from Rita Repulsa and her monster, Goldar.

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