Dubai tourist racks up over $60,000 in speeding tickets

Huracan Driver Racks Up $45,000 In Speeding Fines On Holiday

Tourist racks up $47,000 in speeding fines with rented Lambo

As reported by the The National in UAE, the driver aged 25, crossed the speed limit 33 times within hours of renting the Dh1.3 million vehicle from Saeed Ali Rent a auto dealership. However, speaking to MailOnline, Farah's brother Adman claimed the firm came to the Briton's hotel to demand he hand over the passport and called the fine "ridiculous". However, he might be looking at an extended stay in Dubai, though not necessarily for pleasure, this time. A partner in the dealership Faris Iqbal, said that the tourist paid Dh6,000 as rent for two days for the Lamborghini Huracan, against his passport as a guarantee.

The rented Huracán has been sitting for a week in a hotel parking lot but Saeed Ali Rent a auto doesn't want to reclaim the vehicle for fear it may then become liable for the fines. We have tried talking with Mr Hashi but he has not responded. The matter is now with the courts. "Then who pays the money for the impound?"

That's because previous track record shows them they will end up paying the fines if they collect the auto, because the law holds the leasing company accountable, instead of the driver who committed the crime in the first place.

For now it's unclear what the outcome will be but Hashi was due to end his Dubai vacation on Wednesday.

The Huracan was rented from Saeed Ali Rent a auto.

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The tourist triggered every single speed camera on the 347-mile Sheikh Zayed Road - the longest road in the United Arab Emirates.

Going over Dubai's 80km/h (50mph) limit results in a 3,000 dirham (£600) fine.

He said they were ignored and Hashi continued to speed along the road triggering roadside cameras that took a photo of the number plate.

Renting supercars is a lot of fun way to experience the thrill of exotic auto ownership for one shining day. As of this moment, the leasing company filed papers to get a travel ban in the tourist's name.

Hashi was unavailable for comment.

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