Secret Snapchat code leaks ahead of earnings call

Snapchat source code leaked to GitHub after botched iOS app update

Secret Snapchat code leaks ahead of earnings call

Given that Snapchat's publisher, Snap Inc, runs a bug bounty program through the third-party HackerOne platform, this is a little surprising - or perhaps source code leaks don't qualify for the bounty the leaker was angling for.

SOURCE CODE for filter-heavy selfie app Snapchat has been leaked and posted on GitHub thanks to a botched update to the iOS app, Motherboard reports.

Able to identify the mistake and rectify it immediately.

According to Motherboard, an iOS update had exposed some of Snapchat's source code earlier this year, which was archived on GitHub before Snap Inc. asked the site to remove the data.

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"We discovered that some of this code had been posted online and it has been subsequently removed". It could be several months before it is actually safe to say that there has been no impact on the community.

In his profile, the Github user, i5xx claims to be from a small village in Pakistan. Snap claims that no damage to its community has been done, but it is far too soon to know who has carefully crawled through the code to perform a proper analysis.

The photo-sharing app requested that files including parts of its source code were removed from Github, a Microsoft-owned website where computer programmers share code. Every week, millions of DMCA notices are filed to mitigate the number of infringing content and links available online.

Naturally, there is no way to verify whether this name is true or a pseudonym, but the folks at Snapchat are most likely taking steps to locate the source. Back in February, Apple used a DCMA request to remove source code for a core component of the iPhone's operating system from GitHub.

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