PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Devs Aim to "Fix PUBG" Over Three-Month Roadmap

PUBG launches Fix PUBG campaign

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has launched its 'FIX PUBG' campaign to quell bugs

Today BlueHole Studios opened a website titled "Fix PUBG" dedicated to a roadmap for the implementation of numerous requests made by players in order to improve the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Still in progress are issues like character optimisation, improving the server tick rate (when players are in close proximity, this rate slows down and can cause delays when picking up items, for example), improved anti-hack and anti-cheat solutions (hello, Sanhok), and faster and smarter matchmaking.

It may have to play second fiddle to Fortnite nowadays, but PUBG is still one of the most popular video games in the world - and that's despite the fact that it's never worked properly. "This is a phrase we've been hearing a lot lately". However, we haven't always been able to meet your expectations.

"The bottom line is, you're the reason for our success". So we think it's time to do something about it, ' the company explains in the site's introduction. Fix PUBG is a months-long campaign to deliver the changes and improvements players have been asking for. To address this, we've widened the angle of movement for sprinting diagonally. "Then we'll deliver on our promises". Its recent tally, which totals 21,352, sits at Mostly Negative.

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Fix PUBG first aims to improve its recently implemented limb penetration system, and plans to add a "sharpening" graphics setting, the ability to mute teammates in-game, the ability to adjust FPS caps, and quality of life improvements to colourblind mode among other things.

PUBG Corp. has removed the option to place map markers in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds after the feature ran into controversy with the game's top players, it announced as part of the update notes for the upcoming patch 19 for the game's PC version.

If you're reading this, the hotfix is already out.

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