New Rainbow Six Siege Operation Introduces Two Operators And Map Rework

Rainbow Six Siege: First Details of Operation Grim Sky Revealed

Is Rainbow Six Siege headed to Britain for Operation Grim Sky?

Ubisoft has revealed the first concrete details on Rainbow Six Siege year 3 season 3, officially known as Operation Grim Sky.

In keeping with the British theme, the first map chosen for rework is Hereford Base, a training facility from the original Tom Clancy Rainbow Six novels. It follows Season 2's Operation Para Bellum and Season 1's Operation Chimera. On the flip side, the defending operator hails from Great Britain, bringing in what looks to be a new shield-like device.

She's a tough police officer who's an expert on mob behavior and snatch-squad tactics. According to the team, he's seen the worst of Kabul but despite it all - fell in love with the area. "Legendary for his surgical precision, he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six". Hereford base will be rebalanced, much like you would a character, removing troubling spots on the map while also redesigning the architecture to provide new options for all of your wall-smashing strategies.

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It's nearly time, Rainbow Six Siege fans! The map will receive an overhaul for competitive play.

A few gameplay enhancements will come alongside the new content, one of which will address the weapon sights misalignment. "In our constant pursuit to improve the game and the player experience, an adjustment with the Operator Idle Pick as well as dynamic resolution scaling for consoles are also on their way".

The full reveal of Operation Grim Sky takes place during Six Major Paris, which occurs August 17-19. The event will be streamed live via Twitch.

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