Musk planning Tesla mini-car

Elon Musk Planning Tesla Mini-Car That Can Squeeze In An Adult

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says Planning Mini-Car

Musk did not provide further details about Tesla's mini-car or indicate when it would be released, and the company declined a request for comment. Erik borrowed the Model 3 Performance from a friendly owner in the area, and over the past week, the Tesla enthusiast has been testing the vehicle's acceleration.

The addition of games is likely to only be available when the auto is parked.

"Nah, I'll wait for you in the auto". 'Pretty much everywhere we looked, if someone had a hammer, whether it was a CPU or a GPU or whatever, they were adding something to accelerate neural networks - but no one was doing a bottom-up design from scratch, which is what we like to do.

The horizontal screen would be ideal for watching movies with the seats reclined, streaming music, or even reading off of when driving is no longer the priority. In recent months he has discussed or hinted at video games for Tesla vehicles, features for an upcoming pickup truck, and a "Mad Max" mode for the company's semi-autonomous Autopilot feature that might instruct a vehicle to make more aggressive lane changes than current options allow. It's simple logic to offer a variety of options that can be activated while charging as the logical sandbox for functionality that could be added later on while a vehicle is driving itself.

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The toy vehicle has also been used as a reward in Tesla's referral program.

Tesla's latest work in progress is expected to be a mini version of its products that could also fit a full-sized adult.

Tesla's software update 9.0 will be available in a few weeks, and aside from the usual improvements and big fixes applied to the cars, we'll soon be able to play a few classic Atari games.

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