Mobile Essentials is yet another take on affordable unlimited plans

T-Mobile Essentials is a new and cheaper unlimited plan with a few caveats

T-Mobile Essentials: new unlimited data plan

In a statement, T-Mobile said that the Essentials plan will start to throttle data speeds when you consume more than 50GB of data in a single month.

The Wireless industry is an ever-changing world where big ideas come along daily. Video streaming on the new plan is limited to 480p quality, and during times of network congestion, T-Mobile Essentials customers may encounter slower speeds.

Although it comes with unlimited services, the Essentials plan is stripped down compared to numerous other plans you'd find at T-Mobile and other carriers.

It's not often that T-Mobile introduces a whole new rate plan, but today that's exactly what the carrier has done. Customers also get unlimited talk, text, and 2G data in Mexico and Canada as well unlimited texting and $0.25 per minute calling in other global destinations.

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T-Mobile is making it a little easier for you to get service you want at an affordable rate. Internet traffic from any device on the Essentials plan is always given low priority.

T-Mobile's Essential plan sits below the carrier's "One" plan that includes a Netflix subscription with two or more lines of service, Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, worldwide roaming and other goodies.

What do you think about this new offering from T-Mobile? A $5 24-hour Global Pass will give 512MB of up to 4G LTE data plus unlimited calling in Mexico, Canada, and other worldwide destinations. To get those prices, don't forget that you'll need to sign-up for autopay, otherwise the price is $5 higher per line. This one costs less than the others, but also offers less. For one line of service, Sprint's cheapest unlimited option, Unlimited Basic, costs $60 for one line. It offers unlimited talk, text and smartphone data.

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