Steve Jobs Wouldn't Give Daughter Lisa a Porsche, She Recalls in Memoirs

Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa recalls dad telling her she smelled 'like a toilet'

Steve Jobs daughter Lisa wrote of their rocky relationship in her memoir

But in her upcoming memoir, Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs reveals that her father lied to her about the name up until she was 27, and it was U2 front man Bono who exposed the truth.

Here are four revelations about the Apple billionaire from Ms Brennan-Jobs' book, after an excerpt was published in Vanity Fair magazine on Friday.

Bono repeated Lisa's question, asking Jobs whether he named the Lisa after his daughter.

But the child took a DNA test, which gave a 94.4 per cent chance the two were related - the highest possible at that time.

"For him, I was a blot on a spectacular ascent, as our story did not fit with the narrative of greatness and virtue he might have wanted for himself", she wrote.

Although Jobs eventually acknowledged Brennan-Jobs as his daughter, he maintained a distant cold relationship towards his eldest child until he died. On one such visit, when her dad was so sick he could barely get out of bed, she had a rude awakening when she hugged him goodbye.

Brennan-Jobs said her mother told her Jobs sounded like Darth Vader when he uttered these words.

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Brennan-Jobs said he replied: "You're not getting anything". At the time, she and Jobs weren't even that close, but she admits she deceived herself into believing that, if she played a role, her father would automatically play the other, just like she'd seen happen in movies.

"The court required my father to cover welfare back payments, child-support payments of $385 per month, which he increased to $500, and medical insurance until I was 18". "My existence ruined his streak", she wrote.

"I don't remember feeling at a disadvantage with my friends who had fathers, only that there was at my fingertips another magical identity, an extra thing that started to itch and tingle when I felt small, and it was like pressure building inside me, and then I had to find a way to say it". Lisa claims she once overheard her mother tell her boyfriend that whenever Steve got a scratch on his Porsche, he would get a new one. According to Business Insider, all of Jobs fortune went to Powell and her children.

"'You're not getting anything, ' he said". But when she once asked him if she could have one of the disposed cars, he responded by saying, "You're not getting anything".

Did he mean about the vehicle, something else, bigger?

"'Absolutely not", he said in such a sour, biting way that I knew I'd made a mistake", she wrote. This troubled relationship has been detailed in her upcoming memoir, Small Fry, and an excerpt was published in Vanity Fair on August 3.

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