China reports 18400 voluntary organ donors by July

China reports 18,400 voluntary organ donors by July

Presumed consent for organ donation will save up to 700 lives a year

Conservative Government ministers are to go ahead with reformations to organ "donation" laws which they said could increase the availability of organs for transplant by 700 per year, reports the BBC.

The new law on organ donation will be called "Max's law" after Max Johnson, 10, of Winsford, Cheshire, who was saved by a heart transplant in August past year.

The law will mean that unless a person has expressed a wish to not donate their organs, doctors will presume the dead person is a donor.

A fearless caller who lost her husband to liver failure perfectly explains why a new opt-out system for organ donations is so important.

But a caller who objected to the idea of organ donation, explained how she changed her mind when her husband passed away.

Jackie Doyle-Price, parliamentary under-secretary of state for mental health and Inequalities said: 'Organ donation saves lives.

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The country began a voluntary organ donation trial in 2010 and promoted the practice across the country in 2013.

'I want to encourage people who wish to give life in the event of their death to take the time to record their wishes and discuss it with their family.

However, we know this new system alone is not a magic bullet.

There will be exceptions to the presumed consent system, including those aged under 18, individuals who lack the mental capacity to understand the changes and people who have not lived in England for at least 12 months before their death.

The proposed new system is expected to come into effect in England in spring 2020 as part of a drive to help people waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Some 411 people in the United Kingdom died on the transplant waiting list in 2017.

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