CDC: ‘Don’t Wash Or Reuse Condoms’

CDC warns people not to wash reuse condoms

CDC warns people not to wash reuse condoms

"We say it because people do it, " the CDC message reads, adding "use a fresh one for each sex act". Dr. Elizabeth Torrone, an epidemiologist at the CDC's Division of STD Prevention, told BuzzFeed that by using a condom a few times, it diminishes the protective effect of condoms and can cause breakage, slippage, or leakage.

According to a report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, many people are washing or re-using condoms after they have used them. They can also provide protection against other diseases that may be transmitted through sex like Zika and Ebola. It's widely known that condoms are used to help protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies - if they're used properly.

"I'm not sure why people would reuse a condom, condoms are readily available, they are very low-cost and most of our Northern Health sites from across Northern BC throughout our communities that are publicly funded and free and available for folks".

Take this to heart.

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After seeing the CDC's tweet, people were - understandably - troubled and concerned for their fellow man.

This is because it's more likely to slip off or tear the second time around - and no-one wants that.

"People really out here reusing condoms?!" said one shocked tweeter.

"I'm just upset that this is something that people needed to be told", another person tweeted, which, I mean - same.

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