Beware! Air Pollution Can Up Lung Cancer Risk In Young People

Governance       Number of non-smokers with lung cancer in north India is now same as smokers New study
       	        Rahiba R. Parveen         31 July 2018

Governance Number of non-smokers with lung cancer in north India is now same as smokers New study Rahiba R. Parveen 31 July 2018

Lung cancer kills millions every year. Asia is projected to have the lowest breast cancer mortality of the regions analyzed, but the death rate associated with the disease will increase.

The study was published August 1 in the journal Cancer Research.

Doctor Martínez-Sánchez warned the majority of developed countries will be the "first to witness" lung cancer mortality rates surpass that of breast cancer. This day aims at creating awareness about lung cancer and its treatment options. And therefore, newborns inhaling such bad air have higher chances of being diagnosed for lung cancer.

Another limitation was the exclusion of Africa and other low-income countries from the analysis due to lack of data.

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"For both types of cancer, especially lung cancer, this situation is unlikely to happen", they acknowledge, citing the relatively recent shift away from combustible tobacco products to tobacco abstinence or products widely considered to be less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

Early detection saves lives and screenings for lung cancer are available within the local community.

Having studied the main trends in the progression of cancer, scientists at the International University of Catalonia gave their predictions for the coming years and has proposed measures for the prevention of this disease. In India, smoking is not a big issue for women; however, the issue is of passive smoking or second hand smoking, air pollution, household smokes that is the big cause of lung cancer amongst Indian women. According to a new study published by the American Association for Cancer Research, by 2030, the mortality rate of lung cancer among women will increase by 40%, while the breast cancer mortality rate will drop.

Most of the early lung cancer symptoms are silent the initial symptoms are nagging cough, dry cough without any fever which is nearly similar to some type of lung infection but here its kin of a dry cough, lagging cough, mild chest pain, bleeding in sputum, hoarseness, breathing difficulty, which could by diagnosed as lung cancer.

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