"Multidrug-resistant" salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey hits 26 states

Officials looking at raw turkey products as source of Salmonella outbreak

CDC-FSIS disclose Salmonella outbreak traced to raw turkey

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert Thursday afternoon about a seven-month salmonella outbreak linked to raw turkey that has sickened 90 people, 40 of whom have been hospitalized, in 26 states.

Marler said the reason that outbreaks seem to be occurring more frequently is likely a combination of better detection and an increase in cases themselves. They believe the outbreak strain is widespread in the turkey industry.

Investigators say ill people have reported eating different types and brands of turkey products that were purchased at many different locations.

It is unclear where the Salmonella outbreak is coming from, and the CDC said it is still looking into which supplier or type of raw turkey product is linked to the outbreak.

The CDC has reported an outbreak of salmonella across the U.S.in a new investigation notice. They're asking retailers to stop selling raw turkey products.

Wash your hands before and after preparing or eating your food or your pet's food.

Officials looking at raw turkey products as source of Salmonella outbreak

"About one out of every 20,000 eggs are presumed to be contaminated with salmonella", said the food science professor.

- Avoid washing raw poultry before cooking, as germs in raw poultry juices can spread to other areas and food. Turkey breasts, whole turkeys, and ground poultry, including turkey burgers, casseroles, and sausage, should always be cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F to kill harmful germs.

The CDC said that those who have become infected with salmonella may experience diarrhea, fever and stomach pains, though most cases clear up without medical intervention. Check the temperature by inserting a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the food.

The good news is that even if you have raw turkey in your fridge at home, you don't need to throw it away. To prevent food poisoning, be sure to wash your hands and cook raw turkey thoroughly.

Do not feed raw pet food to pets.

"In Hawai'i, we love to eat and enjoy gatherings with potlucks and raw foods, which make us especially susceptible to foodborne illnesses", said Peter Oshiro, environmental health program manager for food safety. They're also telling dog owners to avoid raw food diets.

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